Saturday, October 28, 2006

Owen Mulligan for Justice of the Peace

My letter to the Freepress supporting Owen's candidacy for JP was published yesterday.

While the office of justice of the peace may not be as exciting as the office of U.S. senator or member of Congress, it is still important -- one of Vermont's oldest and most highly sought offices -- with 42 candidates seeking election this November in Burlington.

The 15 who end up getting elected in Burlington will have the vested power to certify civil unions and solemnize marriages. They will have the responsibility to deliver absentee ballots to ill or physically disabled voters. They will be entrusted to uphold the integrity of this office, which was created by the Vermont Constitution more than 200 years ago.

I hope that voters take the time to consider candidates for justice of the peace in Burlington and vote for whom they know or at least know something about. It is unfortunate that many voters simply don't vote for justices, cast votes for candidates they know next to nothing about, or play the political party game and quickly check off someone who has the Republican or Democratic affiliation.

On Nov. 7, I'll vote for independent candidate Owen Mulligan for justice of the peace. He's an active volunteer worker in the community. He cares about this city and the democratic process. Owen was appointed by the Board of Civil Authority as an acting justice of the peace to deliver absentee ballots for this year's primary election. Owen has the independence and passion to do the job right, and that's what matters to me.

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