Tuesday, December 16, 2008


As a kid growing up in northern New England, my brothers and I got to see exciting animals at Wild Bill's Rare Bird and Animal Farm in Fairlee, VT. (We lived across the Connecticut River in Orford, NH .) I didn't think of mistreatment at the time, but as a young adult, I began to question the idea of caging "exotic" animals outside of their normal habitat - especially at circuses and zoos. So I'm glad to see Green Left Infoasis has linked to these stories about mistreatment of zoo elephants:
Zoos Kill Elephants, New Scientific Study Confirms

Peer-reviewed evidence validates animal advocates push for closing zoo elephant exhibits
Second Damning Elephant Report Should End Debate On The L.A. Zoo Exhibit Expansion

Humane leaders and former L.A. Zoo vet to reveal new findings at press conference tomorrow


  1. Why don't you google the Concord Monitor and read a story about the elephant at the animal farm in Fairlee? The elephant is still alive and doing well, and happily recognized its old friend. (The reunion would have not been happy if the animal had been mistreated.)

  2. It's nice to read about the reunion...


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