Thursday, September 17, 2009

We don't live in a post-racist society

Gosh, with Obama's election almost a year ago, after his election, people were saying that we now live in a post-racist society. But with the Limbaughs, Roves, Becks, fuckin' teabaggers et al.

and this most recent (diversionary) attack on Acorn

(and not to mention ...Vermont's oh so wonderful -- according to Seven Days -- Rep. Peter Welch doing the Racist Republicans bidding in voting against funding of that agency)...

just watch today's DN! interview with Bertha Lewis, the CEO of Acorn

and say it ain't so.


  1. The reason we don't live in a post-racial society is because people continue to make accusations of racism when race is not the issue. It's almost funny how conservatives can make the same criticisms about Pres. Obama that they made about Pres. Clinton and it's called racism. I fail to see how anything would be different if Obama was white, except the left would have to defend their positions, rather than resort to race-baiting.

    Thankfully, only 12% of the public thinks the criticisms of the president are racially motivated.

    I must also add that I am not saying this with an angry tone, since everyone knows all conservatives are angry, hateful people! I still love ya, Jay, even when you're wrong! ;)

  2. Strange that the obvious can be so hard to see...

  3. jay i love you man. help us smash racist zoning and land use laws in VT so that peeps of colour can move here and be part of the fabric. burlington needs 10000+ section 8 units rite now!!! Build it and they will come!

    when Obama legalizes the brown ones they will needs places to stay and good schools and good food and all the good stuff whites take for granted

    End the fascist aryan vermont reich now!!!!!!!!!!


    Ver Monty


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