Monday, September 21, 2009

Willy Ronis: Un photographe exceptionnel

In the mid-1990s I spent several weeks in Paris and made a point of walking the neighbourhoods, especially the area around Belleville-Ménilmontant - on the eastern slopes of the city. Willy Ronis photographed the people who lived in this area. (The neighbourhood was working class and still inhabited by Cambodians and Vietnamese and other ethnic groups from former French colonies in the 1990s, but already high rise flats were quickly changing the atmosphere; now it's full of trendy bars and student hang-outs.) Mr. Ronis died on September 12. Serge Bavard (sergelebombe on YouTube) has made a lovely hommage - an Internet retrospective with many photographs:

Thanks to Christophe Renoux for featuring an interview (French) with the photographer on his blog. (Also, a remembrance here.)

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  1. Loved the collage video and its soundtrack.
    Thank you for sharing such a very lovely tribute to Mr. Ronis.


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