Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Have a Good Lent

The Ash Wednesday liturgy is sparse and to the point. Traditionally it includes the Litany. This year at St James's Church, Piccadilly, London they've taken the ancient form of the Litany and added some contemporary references. Here is part of it:

From all worldliness, and love of money;
from hardness of heart
and contempt for your word and your laws,
R/ Good Lord deliver us

From the snares of corporate greed,
from the lure of the bonus culture,
from toxic financial instruments and excessive debt
R/ Good Lord deliver us

From the spirit of bombast,
from our fascination with power,
from state-sponsored torture and from
all use of torture
R/ Good Lord deliver us

From corrupt or easily led politicians,
from the 'its within the rules' defence,
from the slow and subtle encroachments of deceit
R/ Good Lord deliver us

From the abuse of process and patronage,
from the attraction of public honours,
and from all blandishments
R/ Good Lord deliver us

From complacency as a Christian community,
from living within sound bites and not your truth,
from love of trivia
R/ Good Lord deliver us

In all times of sorrow;
in all times of joy;
in the hour of our death,
and at the day of judgement,
R/ Good Lord deliver us

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