Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What you can do: Burlington's controversial partnership with Lockheed-Martin

Burlington neighbors are concerned:
at the prospect of Lockheed engineers working with kids inside Burlington schools; at the lack of transparency and public comment with which the Kiss administration brokered this most unlikely of partnerships; at Lockheed's long reputation for fraud, discrimination, environmental degradation and war profiteering; and at how this could let Lockheed privatize existing climate change efforts.

More background can be found here:

What you can do:
The obvious, first easy step is to get folks to call and email Mayor Kiss.

Set up a meeting with your City Councilor to discuss your concerns over this secretive deal with the world's largest war profiteer. Ask City Councilors to pass a resolution asking for transparency and partnering the City with our award winning local climate change non-profits and companies instead of Lockheed. Contact info for all 14 Councilors can be found here:

Organize your neighbors against the controversial Lockheed deal this Sunday January 30th 11am at Viva Espresso. We'll fan out across the city with fliers and petitions:

Make and hang art standing up for Burlington and against Lockheed. Feel free to print and display the attached art by Burlington artist Liza Cowen

Have a Letter to the Editor writing party with friends:
The more media activism the better: letters to the editor, op=eds, radio call in shows, social media, etc.

Join the Facebook group

Come Speak Out at the February 7th City Council Meeting: Public Comment starts at 7:30 p.m.

Then there is the Workers Center's Climate Change Event, Thursday, January 27 · 6:00pm 294 North Winooski: another great opportunity to build opposition to this awful contract across movements.

If we do all of the above well and organize amongst our friends and communities, we will get successive waves of media coverage,and we will build momentum going into the February 7th City Council Meeting and we will win.

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