Thursday, October 6, 2011

UPDATED: Burlington Solidarity with OWS Grows

SEE BELOW FOR IMPORTANT UPDATE FOR ALL VERMONTERS Big story: Front page, above the fold in today's Burlington Free Press. Matthew Cropp and Jonathan Leavitt are interviewed about Vermonters' support for the OWS actions in NYC. Waaaay to go, Burlington and Vermont.
‎'Cropp said he believes the demonstrations are as much about finding sustainable economic options, as they are against the excesses of Wall Street. He favors locally managed credit unions over banks that received stimulus bailouts and that... dole out huge bonuses. “The occupation,” he said, “is less of a protest, and more of a process. It’s bringing people together into these spaces to start working on what needs to be done. “So, instead of saying, ‘we’re going to stay here until you do X, Y and Z,’ it’s coming together to determine what X, Y and Z really need to be,” Cropp said.'
Jonny Leavitt:
“There are a lot of calls to action that put people’s needs first. Having one percent of America making decisions for the remaining 99 percent is a big one — and we’re finally finding our voice.”
In the first photo above, Matt Cropp speaks at the October 2nd rally on the steps of Citizens Bank, College Street, Burlington. In the second, Jonathan Leavitt is interviewed by a local television station after the rally. (Photos were taken by me.) Please come out on Sunday October 9th at 12:30 for another massive solidarity rally in City Hall Park, Burlington, VT! 150 came last Sunday; let's double that number! As Burlington's involvement grows, other cities are joining in. This poster was on Wounded Bird's blog. She's in Louisiana and there's a rally in NOLA today.
UPDATE The Vermont Workers' Center is organizing rallies across the state as well as a trip to New York City. As part of our Put People First campaign we are standing together with people around the country. Join us in:

Burlington Sunday, October 9, 12:30 pm, Burlington City Hall Park Saturday, October 15, 2 pm, Burlington City Hall Park contact:

Brattleboro Saturday, October 15th, 2pm, Wells Fountain Park contact:

Montpelier Saturday, October 15h, 3:30pm, City Hall Steps contact:

Rutland Saturday, October 15th, Time and Location TBA contact:

New York City Contact Heather Pipino if you are interested in traveling to NYC at (802) 595-1671

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