Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Animal devocalization is morally reprehensible

Just when I think the human race can't get any more loathsome, I learn of a new way we've figured out to torture and mistreat our fellow beings on this planet. This should be absolutely banned, vets who do this should lose their license, and dog owners who subject their pets to this maiming should be fined out the wazoo.
The Truth about Devocalization
How is devocalization done?
Vocal cord tissue is cut using one of two methods: through a surgical incision in the neck or by inserting instruments through the mouth. The veterinarian may use a scalpel, scissors, biopsy tools or laser. The result is the same: Soft tissue is cut, subjecting animals to surgical risks and potential complications that may compromise them for life or result in a terrible death.

If you want your dogs not to bark, spend time with them and train them properly - if you arent willing to do that, consider not having pets.
Devocalization is illegal in Massachusetts and Warwick, RI. Act NOW to ban it in NY State and protect animals from lifelong suffering or agonizing death—common outcomes no matter how skilled the vet or how the tissue is cut.

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