Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Montana Governor signs bill defying U.S. ID law

Via BrickBurner.

Billings [MT] Gazette - HELENA - Gov. Brian Schweitzer said "no, nope, no way, hell no" Tuesday to national driver's licenses, signing into law a bill supporters say is one of the strongest rejections to the federal plan.

The move means the state won't comply with the Real ID Act, a federal law that sets a national standard for driver's licenses and requires states to link their record-keeping systems to national databases.

The federal law says the federally approved identification cards eventually would be necessary to board airplanes or enter federal buildings.

"We also don't think that bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., ought to tell us that if we're going to get on a plane we have to carry their card, so when it's scanned through they know where you went, when you got there and when you came home," said Schweitzer, a Democrat.

"This is still a free country and there are no freer people than the people that we have in Montana."

Gee, and I thought Vermonters were free. Not with the likes of Douglas and the Dem controlled Vermont Lege. Wish they had the cojones to follow Montana's lead.

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