Saturday, May 12, 2007

The injustice reeking under our noses

Garret Keizer Burlington Free Press - Let's hear it for the UVM 12

The UVM 12 are in a whole different league. Thank God, they aren't on a whole different planet. That's where middle-class activism tends to go these days, especially when it's hoping to get off on the cheap. Let's talk about polar bears in the Arctic or lamas in Tibet, anything but the injustice reeking under our noses -- anything that won't raise the taxes or put a crimp in the fun.

And I want the UVM administration to make good on its promise to study their issue further. What the strikers demanded is exemplary for any institution that calls itself the University of Vermont: exemplary of what Vermont as a whole must do if it wants to be worthy of its constant self-congratulation; exemplary of what it means, in the best sense, to be an educated human being.

Background story on the strike

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