Sunday, June 17, 2007

Green Gets Appointed to Burlington Housing Board

Congratulations to Owen Mulligan on his appointment this past week by the City Council to serve on the Burlington Housing Board of Review. Owen became the first Green to serve on this city commission. The Housing Board has traditionally been full of landlords and corporate "professionals." Owen will add his experience as a renter and a much needed fresh Green perspective to the board's deliberations. He is the second Green to serve on a city commission.

1 comment:

  1. BI has never deleted comments, so this is a first. I removed 2 Anonymous comments.

    The first was a needlessly rude, flippant and trollish attack upon Owen. It had no basis.

    The second was signed by Owen. He corrected the first commenter's misstatements, but his comment could not have stood alone to be understood.

    Let's just clarify: Owen remains a member of the Green Party of Burlington and isn't going anywhere else.

    End of!!


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