Friday, December 21, 2007


Last May, when I was in NYC, I attended a Sunday service at St Bart's. My late uncle was a member. When I was a teenager, during school breaks in the city, my brothers and I would attend the EYC events at that parish.
New York Times 21 December 2007 - To Keep Doors Open, St. Bart’s Opens Its Arms
Peaceable coexistence — street people and devout souls — is the prevailing vibe, and Mr. Tully is its architect.

“I came here for the risk of it,” he says. His job as rector of St. Columba’s, the largest parish in Washington, “was getting too cushy after 14 years.”

And after 14 years at St. Bartholomew’s? Cushy address, certainly, Park Avenue at East 50th, but the luster stops there. “There was a question of whether we should even be here, of whether it is too costly to be running a world-class landmark in the middle of New York City, a place where real estate is one of the religions,” he says. “We exist in a city where it takes a lot of trouble and expense — $8 million a year — to keep the door open.”

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