Thursday, December 20, 2007


Not only do independent and third party presidential candiates have a problem getting the attention of the public (and the MSM), but so do Democratic and Republican candidates who are outside their respective party's power structure. It's a fluff piece in yesterday's Burlington Free Press, highlighting the "weirdo" candidates, and definitely pushes the party duopoly (as if there were no other choice). The St Michael's prof who teaches the students who gathered names and profiles of twenty-seven candidates and featured them on their website should know better to limit the choices to the DemRepubs.
"I signed in on this campaign Sept. 6, the same day as Fred Thompson," said Cap Fendig Jr., 53, of St. Simons Island, Ga., a GOP contender in the New Hampshire primary.

"Repeatedly since that day, I've e-mailed all the national network news and media organizations and have gotten not even the courtesy of a 'Thank you, we're not going to cover you.'

"I knew that entrance into that arena was roped off. I just didn't realize how tightly and how bad it was roped off."

He welcomed the attention from the students' Web site and said he believes it's responsible for some e-mailed inquiries he has received about his campaign.

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