Tuesday, January 29, 2008


UPDATE: The press conference made it to WCAX-TV Channel 3:
Green Democratic Alliance says the pricetag is too steep. They want the building torn down. The group says so-called "smart demolition" -- where materials are salvaged and recycled -- would cost the city less than $2.5 million. The space could then be left open, kept green, and transformed into a multi-use public park with community gardens, the Moran Sculpture, and a sailing center.

"When people think about the waterfront they think small scale and not large scale mass redevelopment," explains Owen Mulligan of the Green Democratic Alliance. "There (are) a lot of people who want the building torn down and there (are) a lot of people who want a waterfront park and green space on the waterfront."
John Briggs wrote a short article for the Free Press.
Burlington voters will have a clear choice March 4 about what to do with the Moran plant.
“Our ballot question is straightforward,” [Owen] Mulligan [Director of Green Democratic Alliance] said. “We can get a clear answer. I look forward to the results.”
Look for an expanded Briggs article in tomorrow's edition.


Green Democratic Alliance held its first ever press conference today, to announce that the required signatures were received and certified by Burlington's clerk-treasurer's office. Since the mid-2007, citizen volunteers have been to every neighborhood and ward in the city collecting the signatures of resident voters. Just over the required 1,340 signatures were collected.

Owen Mulligan, Jessica Tanner, and I were the GDA spokespersons at the press conference to regarding the Moran Plant campaign at 10:30 a.m., and Channels 3, 5, 17, the Burlington Free Press and other media showed up!! Look tomorrow in Seven Days for an extensive article by Ken Picard about our campaign.

Also, at the press conference, I announced that the Moran Sculpture will be the symbol of the effort

to keep the Waterfront Park accessible and green!


  1. OUTRAGE!!!!!!!!!!
    The rightist reactionaries of the radio station 620AM allowed Mayor
    Ki$$ on this morning to attack the GDA as anti-child; using the so-called "Children's Museum" in the Moran plan as a propaganda tool!!! This must be answered AT ONCE by the GDA!!! Who wants to go on the air??? It could be arrainged under the principle of equal time....

  2. We'll have to look into this....I expected as much. They always use the 'children' to attack the other side...we've seen this sad tactic used over and over throughout history...I just can't believe their using it on the Moran Plant.

    Who would have thought!


  3. Some would say shamelessness is a valuable characteristic in a politician. Bush has it, Clavelle had it to some degree. Now it looks like the soft-spoken, quiet, gentle Mayor may as well. "Suffer the children," indeed! I did not hear the radio broadcast, but if it's true what the mayor implied, it's pure distortion, a straw man's fallacy, and he should know better. GDA just wants the facts about the proposed development.


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