Saturday, August 29, 2009

Dumbed Down Democracy at its Worst

Grandmère Mimi has written about a health care town hall meeting in Louisiana hosted by Sen. Mary Landrieu. Lord have mercy! It's a lengthy post. She's a brave soul. Here's the gist of her afternoon experience:
I asked her if she thought health care was a moral issue, and she told me that she did and that her husband made quite a lot of money and why should her tax money go to pay for the health care of others, including deadbeats? That was the moral of her story. I tried to explain about what insurance was for, that it was about spreading cost and risk, but that got nowhere. She continued to get angrier and angrier and more and more in my face, until she was screaming and waving her sign so close that I thought she would hit me.

1 comment:

  1. Jay, it takes all kinds. I'm still in recovery. Thanks for the link.

    Today is the anniversary of Katrina, so it's another sad day.


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