Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Russia Today - Foiled Underwear Bomber is Intelligence Patsy

I always thought there was something fishy about this "incident" about the flight from A'dam to Detroit last week. Starting the New Year right....another staged provocation

From RT


  1. Sorry, but I think Tarpley needs to adjust his meds. This is conspiracy mongering at its worst.

    It would have helped if he'd gotten the original info from the father right: He didn't say "my son is at a terrorist training camp in Yemen," he said that he feared his son was dangerous and that he didn't know where the son was but that he might be in Yemen.

    And Abdulmutallab is "mentally deficient" because he got lost in an airport? Please.

    Admittedly, I'm not one for big conspiracy theories - but that applies especially to ones that would appear to require world-wide cooperation among several governments (and a couple of airlines) to pull off.

  2. As a follow-up, I think (without having known of him previously) I tagged Tarpley pretty well:

    I'm surprised the Illuminati didn't come up.


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