Thursday, February 14, 2008


Talk about embarrassing fucked up moments. At tonight's Burlington Ward 2/3 NPA, Green Democratic Alliance was listed on the meeting agenda to talk about the Moran Plant smart demolition ballot item. But you know what? Neither CEDO nor the NPA steering committee members bothered to invite GDA, let alone let us know that we were on the program. Was this just an innocent oversight? Or were there people on the steering committee, along with CEDO staff, that didn't want the GDA to know that we were slated to speak tonight? Just think of the potential to embarrass GDA in these heavy Prog (and pro-Moran redevelopment) wards. Loyal Ploof, Democratic City Council candidate for Ward 2 and board member of GDA, who was there in the candidate forum, was able to talk about smart demolition, but was treated with disdain and was outnumbered by pro-development candidates Hoekstra and Davis. More on this story as it develops.

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