Friday, February 15, 2008


Joe Lieberman, who had the support of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in his 2006 Democratic senatorial primary bid in Connecticut, says waterboarding is not torture.

I was appalled after listening earlier this week to an NPR account of a conversation Ari Shapiro had with AG Michael Mukasey when he made a surprise visit to Iraq (my emphasis):

Mukasey found it personally repugnant, and might consider it torture if it was done to him [!]. "In the context of a CIA interrogation it would be used on very different people in different circumstances. 'These are people who self-select for their ability to resist the technique.' "


  1. Mukasey's comments have a sickeningly racist subtext. I'm still angry at Schumer for voting for him.

  2. Yeah, I even think Leahy voted for him, too!


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