Sunday, April 11, 2010

Appreciation: Corin Redgrave, 1939-2010

John Bird, found of The Big Issue, remembers Corin Redgrave in the Guardian,
He wasn't one of those fair-weather revolutionaries who did it for a while and then said: "Sod it, I've got my four or five chapters in my autobiography. I've got a lot to talk about at dinner parties for the next 50 years." He got in and got dirty and he probably would've made a bigger mark in the theatre or the movies if he hadn't done that. But he chose a bigger stage than the West End stage and, in my opinion, a much more important one.
You can read all of Bird's appreciation here and further Guardian coverage about the life of Corin Redgrave here.

First time I saw Corin Redgrave was in A Man for All Seasons, one of the best films ever.

In 1999, living in London, I saw him in a revival of Noel Coward's A Song At Twilight co-starring his sister Vanessa Redgrave and his second wife Kika Markham. Wow, watching three of my favourite actors perform on stage!

Photo: Brother and sister performing in Song at Twilight in London. Courtesy: Haydn West/Rex Features

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