Tuesday, November 27, 2007


There's a new group in town. Green Democratic Alliance. Whether you are a Green, Independent, Progressive or even, God forbid, a Democratic party affiliate, check 'em out!
To empower the peoples' majority, win elections, and defeat the status quo's attempt to split us into squabbling factions.

To further the greater green political vision of a democratic, inclusive, and sustainable society and natural world and hold those politicians we support accountable to that vision!

To be a representative voice for the voters of Burlington, and a network of support for aligned officeholders and city commissioners.
The group is working on a lot of issues that are important to Greens. Environmentally minded Democrats (Joan Shannon, Russ Ellis and Ed Adrian city councilors come to mind) might find it worth their while to make alliance with GDA. We're all concerned about sustainability and environmental justice on a local level! I've just joined up today!

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