Wednesday, November 14, 2007


WHEN: TODAY - November 14, 2007
WHERE: City Hall, Conference Room 12
TIME: 5:30 to 7:00 pm

The Burlington Board of Health is preparing to update the Burlington pesticide ordinance. This public hearing is designated for the Board to receive testimony from all interested members of the public regarding pesticide/herbicide use in Burlington, as well as the provisions of the ordinance that regulates this use in Burlington. Testimony will be limited to 3 minutes per speaker. This hearing is not considered a debate and no action will be taken by the Board—it is solely dedicated for the Board to receive input from the public about the use and regulation of pesticides/herbicides throughout our city.

The Board of Health has limited statutory responsibility for the “prevention, removal or destruction of public health hazards and the mitigation of public health risks.” The Board of Health receives its authority from Vermont statute Title 18 as well as from several sections of the Burlington City Charter.

The Board of Health may recommend health-related rules and regulations, ordinances and policies. The Board of Health cooperates with local and state organizations to provide public discussion and education.

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  1. I, Owen Mulligan, would like to see the Board of Health BAN ALL DOMESTIC AND COMMERCIAL USE OF PESTICIDES.

    The use of pesticides is a threat to our health and our environment, especially with the run-off problems into Lake Champlain.

    But it doesn't end there, the EPA still conducts redundant pesticide tests on animnals, including dogs and birds, in which they are forced to ingest or inhale large amounts of pesticides.

    These and other unnecessary practices must be stopped for the sake of our health, our environment and, of course, the innocent animals.


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