Thursday, September 4, 2008


Mary Sullivan, BED Communications Coordinator, writes in a post on my local (Lakeside) Front Porch Forum on Tuesday, 2 September 2008:

"Dear Voters - BED will have a question on the primary ballot."
Here is my reply on the FPF:
On the primary ballot? Why not on the GE ballot on November 4th? The purpose of this primary to choose candidates from the various political parties for statewide office and for our representatives in Washington. So, why is this question put to the voters on primary day? Could it be that BED knows that
less people will vote in the primaries than in the GE and are assured passage of their question? Don't get me wrong, I support the hard work of BED in providing service for the citizen ratepayers (I am one). Putting the question on the September 9th ballot may indeed be a smart move on the part of BED, but - call me a cynical voter - it's a dodgy trick.
And with the smaller turnout, a lower number of eligible, registered voters will be deciding the question.

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