Tuesday, September 23, 2008


“In a certain sense, this is a wake for the U.S. dollar.”

There were no NOLA type jazz funeral bands playin', of course. Kinda wish there were, to startle the vacationing lunch bunch capitalists on Church Street.

TODAY, a group of people of varying political persuasions (including moi) held a protest downtown by the Democracy statue on Main Street (between Leahy's office and the County Courthouse). Protesting the proposed shameful swindle by the Federal Government with its corporatist Secretary of the Treasury on the citizens of this land. The Burlington Free Press covered the protest. We marched up Church street, too, and stood in front of the Federal Building on Elmwood and Pearl. Major local television media and the community's intrepid Channel 17 videographer were there, too. So check the news programs this evening.

I'll update with pbotos I took later on.


  1. Nice work, Jay. I'm amazed that more people aren't taking it to the streets on this one.

    Speaking of which, Boots and I were talking about staging some political theater at our new, government-owned Stowe Resort (formerly an AIG property). Since we could never afford it when it was in private hands, we thought we'd venture up there now that it's owned by we, the people. Hell, with a mere social security card -- or any other kind of proof of our citizenship -- we should be able to play "owner" by fixing up a feast in the resort's kitchen, getting some nice rooms (hot tubs even!) for the families, and maybe even zip around on a couple of golf carts. What the hell, it's ours!

    -- M. Colby

  2. Awesome! Oh, and thanks for ending the Iraq War. We're all grateful.

  3. Anonymous @ 10:07:00 AM:
    Smart ass twat (it would help if you identified yourself, too).

    Look, bud: Any time you can agitate these lying fuckers, I say do it. It's getting the word out that people are pissed off. (Where the hell are you in your comfortable life?) All the little jabs add up.

  4. Fight the good fight Jay V. We're proud of ya!

    - Christian


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