Friday, September 19, 2008


My Letter to the Editor is in today's Burlington Free Press
Bravo to The Burlington Free Press for its editorial ("Fix balloting mess by November election," Sept. 11) and John Briggs' reporting ("Shortage of ballots mars vote," Sept. 11). I am pleased to see the Free Press has woken up to the ineptness at City Hall, rather than taking the "word" of spinmeisters in the Kiss administration. I hope City Council wakes up, too, and gives more than a wrist slap to Mr. "Nice Guy" Pacy, as they did after the first ballot fiasco of spring '08.

City Hall staff criticisms of voters and hard-working election workers show a lack of accountability. Clearly the fault of the second ballot fiasco of fall '08 lies with Kiss appointee Ben Pacy and the Secretary of State's Office. The Nov. 4 General Election is too important: Their excuses show an unacceptable contempt for the election process, the voters of this city, and democracy.

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