Thursday, April 15, 2010

An Extraordinary Situation

"Tens of thousands of passengers have been left stranded across northern Europe as a cloud of volcanic ash led authorities to ground planes."

I feel for the people in Iceland who were evacuated because of the volcano-eruption and I am very well aware that all the poor people on airports all over Europe who are uncertain about when they will be able to arrive at their destination.

A joke from an Icelandic man in Aftenposten... "....You pay our debt...we stop the ashes."

There's always the train!


  1. I'm supposed to have a vacation in Prague and Madrid a week from Friday. And, every flight goes through Heathrow. It's getting discouraging.

  2. Trains don't work anymore. It took me endless trouble and lots of money to go back to Gothenburg from Brussels in the new year.

    Several times the air fare!

    First it wasn't possible to buy a ticket further than Berlin, then (after being 1 hour late to Cologne) I had to buy a new ticket from Cologne to Copenhagen because the train to Berlin had been cancelled. The train from Berlin to Gothenburg was fully booked anyway.

    Beamters in the stations were very rude and/or angry, with one exception. But I was given a stamp on my failed ticket to vouch for a reimbursment...


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