Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Last Sunday, MadPriest featured a comment I made (referring to the moose murder in Burlington at the end of September) on his earlier post about the shooting of a grizzly bear in Idaho. (Numerous comments were made about both posts.)

Here's MP on Vermont's huntin' culture -

COMMENT: I did some back reading on this in the BURLINGTON PRESS archives. The blood lust of the inhabitants of this place makes Vlad The Impaler seem squeamish. Evidently, the authorities issue just over 1000 permits for moose murdering every year. So sought after are these licences to kill that 90% of those who apply are not drawn out of the hat. The only reason why these people apply for the permits is because they like killing stuff. That is not a good reason for killing stuff.

A suggestion. Why don't the Americans send all these psychopaths over to Iraq where they can kill stuff to their hearts content. Then all those young people in Iraq who either don't like killing stuff or who are bored with killing stuff could go home to their loving parents. Unless, that is, their loving parents have gone off to Iraq to kill some stuff.

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