Saturday, March 1, 2008


Many letters appear in the Free Press today regarding the upcoming Moran Plant vote on Tuesday. One in particular shows concern about the further loss of natural beauty if the redevelopment plan is approved.
Have our city officials become so obsessed with the almighty dollar that they've lost all common sense? Can they not see the waterfront for what it is, one of our most precious natural resources? Do they not have the vision to see that the Moran plant has been and will continue to be blight on our waterfront, renovated or not? That what has always brought tourists to Vermont is its natural beauty and our waterfront offers a view that is priceless? That what makes a city really livable is preserving open, natural areas where citizens of all classes can mingle and enjoy something beautiful?

Surely, some of them have been to other cities that have homogenized, built-up waterfronts with the requisite rectangles of mowed lawn for green space. Nothing special there!

Mayor Kiss makes a big deal about the fact that other cities are renovating old industrial buildings. I can't help but wonder how many of them are situated on the most beautiful site in town?

I remember when the pavement and lawn on our waterfront were a wildflower field attracting migrating monarch butterflies and birds. What is so wrong about diligently searching for funds to destroy the Moran eyesore, building an attractive sailing center and perhaps farm market pavilion that do not block the view and are in harmony with the waterfront, and having a nature preserve tended lovingly by citizen volunteers?

No matter how energy-efficient the Ice Factor is, this use will increase traffic, carbon monoxide and wanton energy consumption. We're very fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. We should do everything in our power to restore and preserve it for the future.

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