Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Green Democratic Alliance and Citizens for a Waterfront Park's demolition ballot item #2 failed to pass on the ballot (UNOFFICIAL RESULTS Yes: 5314 No: 6188).

The Mayor's redevelopment plan which was #1 on the ballot passed (UNOFFICIAL RESULTS Yes: 7585 No: 4016). The Free Press calls it a "resounding" win for Kiss, but it ain't over yet: the city has to come up with the dosh to pay for it. The financials were sketchy on March 3rd and they're still that way. GDA and CWP members should be proud, however. If ballot item #2 had not been put on the ballot, discussion about the Kiss plan would never have taken place. We forced Kiss and CEDO to get off their lackadaisical asses and answer questions. But they just got desperate. If you saw the emails sent and lit pieces distributed by the so-called partners on redevelopment, you'd see they were doing anything to win: accusing GDA and CWP of being negative and stating misinformation. The Free Press with its Friday editorial didn't help; again the paper quoted the city in saying that demolition was over $6m.

GDA had endorsed Ward 7 Democratic candidate Steve McIntyre; he lost in an extremely close race against incumbent Paul Decelles (971-958).

Loyal Ploof may have lost to Clarence Davis (843-534), but his vote results send a message that there is an opposition and that the Progs can no longer take their hegemony in Ward 3 for granted.


David Berezniak won handily over Eric Hoekstra in the Ward 2 City Council race. UNOFFICIAL RESULTS: David: 552 Eric: 473) David opposed the Mayor's redevelopment plan and is a very vocal critic of CEDO. GDA donations to David's campaign and the volunteer effort played a key role in helping him win his election.

GDA Director and Democratic candidate Owen Mulligan won a place as Ward 6's Ward Clerk against Progressive Linda Ayer. UNOFFICIAL REULTS: Owen: 870? Linda: 570?

Also, GDA endorsed Ed Adrian was re-elected to city council with 76% of the votes (unofficial: 1,016 votes) against three other candidates.


  1. Beyond saying congrats on the wins and bummer on the losses, this really has nothing to do with the post.

    Rather, it's just taking an opportunity to say hi. :-)

  2. Hey there LarryE, keep comin' back! Cheers, m8.


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