Friday, March 28, 2008


Dutch MP Geert Wilders' release this week of his new film Fitma (an Arabic word for Ordeal), has received world-wide coverage. (Headline in today's Parool: 'The hype was better than the film'.) He not as flashy as Pim Fortuyn, another populist right-wing bigot politician who was assassinated in May, 2002. However Wilders + Fortuyn=media whore and do/did anything for attention.

Martin at Wis[s]e Words writes that it's not worth the bandwidth:
I don't really want to pay too much attention to his silly little film, because it is nothing but the usual warmed over Islamophobic cliches. You know the drill: the Islam is threatening your freedom, it wants to subjugate the entire world and kill all the unbelievers, it leads to terrorism (cue images of the September 11 attacks) and so on. Bo-oring.
Here's a short film produced by Radio Netherlands Worldwide about Fitma and Wilders -- and his effect on the multi-cultural Netherlands --

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