Tuesday, May 27, 2008


From Ken Picard/Seven Days about the "local matter" concerning censorship of news in Burlington:

AL JAZEERA will be covering today's Burlington Telecom Advisory Committee and the Citizen's Advisory Committee meeting today at the Contois Auditorium in Burlington's City Hall.

Be there at 4:00 p.m. to stand up for freedom, justice, and the American way. :-P


  1. OUTRAGE!!!!! Last night the Burlington Telecom oversight committees attempted to stop democracy in the City and deprive us of our ability to address our own Government! We must keep the pressure on them to safeguard free speech here for all views! Chris Burns, who originally betrayed the Committee by side-stepping them in the decision to pull Al Jazeera, is now being protected, as a Progressive operative, by this very Committee. We must DENOUNCE this crypto-Zionist SHABBES GOY and run him out of the City for the sake of our FREEDOM!!!!!!

  2. Patrick, you should have stuck around. There was public comment. A lot was predictable, however. I did get a chance to speak and brought up the issue of Mr Burns and the free ride he's getting after his unilateral decision to remove AJE.
    See my post today.


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