Thursday, May 15, 2008


In order to maximize the number of subscribers, the cable operator usually selects channels that are likely to appeal to a broad spectrum of viewers.
Burlington Telecom offers 135 TV channels in its most expensive bundle. That's not as many channels as other cable services offer, but it's still a wide array of "choices" for viewers. There's so much schlock and pap on there, most aren't worth watching -- Fox may be popular, but it certainly ain't news, right?

The AJR wrote in September, 2007 that Burlington was the first city in the US to offer cable access to Al Jazeera.
Al Jazeera's arrival also can be attributed to the fiercely independent and free-thinking spirit of the state and to the left-leaning sentiments of its citizens. At last count, about 40 communities in Vermont had passed resolutions demanding President Bush's impeachment. The Vermont State Senate also approved a resolution asking Congress to initiate impeachment hearings against the president and vice president — the only state legislative body to have done so.

Such politics are coupled with a deep resentment among many Vermonters toward global media giants perceived as unchecked behemoths. Sanders, now an Independent U.S. senator, has organized two town-hall meetings focusing on media consolidation and cross-ownership. These gatherings are often standing-room-only affairs in which people lament media monopolies and their adverse effects on journalism and democracy.

Perhaps it is not surprising, then, that Al Jazeera's arrival on BT's cable lineup generated little controversy.

Apparently a small group of local Zionist malcontents have commplained about Al Jazeera's being on the line-up. Via BurlingtonPol, who got it from a blog I'm unfamiliar with, FlameApe, BT is dropping Al Jazeera. Haik calls BT a bunch of cowards, and they are. I've been watching Al Jazeera regularly on line for quite a while and they report much more than the US MSM does.


  1. Access to Al Jazeera sounds good... except for the couch potato risk.

  2. Those who criticise Al Jazeera (without even having watched some of its news programs) may well take out a leaf from the book of old Chinese wisdom to remind 5th century wise saying from Wen Hou: "One look is worth a thousands rumours."


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