Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Haik as a brilliant post up about the continuing Burlington Telecom fracas... I couldn't agree more. It's a big deal, dear readers. Contact the BT oversight committee members and tell them to bring back Al Jazeera.

The Death of Burlington Telecom

Take away the soul and the philosophy and what have you got? A subscriber base of 2100 people who can't get their remotes to work. Your'e a cork in a tempest tossed ocean of Comcasts and Adelphias and Dish TVs. Nobody cares about you, little network. The only thing you had going was your commitment to free speech. The providence and the promise of opening up more and more channels of communication. The limitless possibilities.

Including Burlington Telecom, there are only two telecom providers in the United States broadcasting Al Jazeera English. Are we supposed to believe Al Jazeera wants to lose half its carriers in the United States? The choice is Burlington Telecom's to make.

There are 100 million people out there watching the Al Jazeera network. But here in America, with our so-called "freedom of speech" we don't have a choice. Virtually no one gets to see it. We should know what the rest of the world is learning. We should not be afraid of words and ideas. This isn't the middle ages.

Throughout time, whenever somebody has wanted to shut someone else up the thing to do is accuse the speaker of inciting civil unrest. I don't care if it's Galileo, Salmon Rushdie or Ozzy Ozbourne, the same dumb arguments get used. But let's examine the logical fallacy inherent in censorship, shall we? In order to know something deserves censorship, you have to watch it. If you watch it, then tell others not to, you're a hypocrite. If you don't watch it, and tell others not to either, you're an ignoramus.


  1. UPDATE:
    As Jay proposed, everyone should email the Telecom oversight committee, and concentrate on one member in particular: It appears that Beth Trusanski is a member of the committee...she is also the clerk of the QUAKER MEETING in Burlington!!!! How does a QUAKER condone this vile attack on all ARABS on earth!!!!!!!!!!! We must demand an answer from this person regarding her actions and complicity in this FREE SPEECH issue!!!!!! Jay, what say you on this??????

  2. Hey, Patrick, good to see you are alive! :-P Thanks for your astute comment!

    See Haik Bedrosian's post yesterday for a continuing update and announcement that the BTAC will have the BT/AJE on its meeting agenda next week.


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