Saturday, May 17, 2008


I missed the Channel 17 5:25 call-in program yesterday regarding the BT/Al Jazeera commotion, so I don't really know what transpired. I did know that the regular group that has that Friday spot was unable to produce their show; some people, then, would say it was meant to be that Chan. 17 ran it. Good on Channel 17!

Thanks to BurlilngtonPol and others for keeping us up to speed: Haik has more disturbing news. We shouldn't let this story slide away. Today I did a cursory glance at the still user unfriendly new Free Press website for a report on this story: Bupkis

(Relatedly, Channel 17 features local activist Sandy Baird's commentary on the 60th anniversary of State Israel and the Palestinian exodus, the Naqba.)

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