Monday, January 18, 2010

Contrasting stories from Haiti

NRC/international - "Parts of the capital of Port-au-Prince have descended into complete anarchy."

Dr. Evan Lyon of PIH - "no UN. no police. no US marines and no violence or chaos or anything. just people helping each other."


  1. Well... Which is it? The understanding.
    What one expects to see one sees. No matter what.

    It's just like my line of business. Bible translations. They have changed a lot over the Ages, because of varying understandings, varying expectations.

  2. I wouldn't go along with Gorans radical relativism on this. Evidence and credible sources indicate that the US is unnecessarily militarizing the situation and blocking desperately needed aid and the vast majority of the Haitian people are peaceful and actually trying to organize and help themselves with meager resources. The tradition of lying and demonizing Haiti by the capitalist media is centuries old and has not diminished one bit.

  3. I saw the first understanding yesterday in what is supposed to be the big Liberal flagship (but has descended into American-style (= free church) "freedom of speech" defence of Pastor Green of Öland the other year...

    Made me very angry!


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