Thursday, January 28, 2010

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After last night, no doubt his fans continue to praise the president, and his detractors vilify him. I refused to add to the diarrhea of comments on the SOTU address. I didn't listen, nor did I see any rebroadcast, so I couldn't say much, if I did. Instead, last night a dozen of my friends and I enjoyed the HD rebroadcast of my absolutely most favourite opera, Der Rosenkavalier.

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  1. Yeah, I didn't hear it either. I caught maybe 30 seconds as I was driving. Obama said that we must transition to energy efficient techonology and that it will create jobs. Then he went on to mention what those energy efficient tech was.... nuclear and clean coal. I shit you not. Of course, not surprising in the least. That's what he's been jabbering about for years now. But still. When you hear the naked cynical corporate propaganda live, it is still jarring and surreal. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed your opera.


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