Sunday, January 3, 2010

No Justice In The War on Terror

Jeremy Scahill, who's written extensively about the mercenary Blackwater, reported on December 31st that a federal judge has dismissed charges against Blackwater employes for their massacring seventeen people in Iraq. Charges were dismissed because their testimony was taken under duress and could have caused them to lose their jobs.

Here's Craig Murray:
Yet evidence given by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed during hundreds of torture sessions, including over a hundred sessions of waterboarding, is admissible in the US, torture apparently not being duress like the threat of losing your job.

The US is at the same time going through more angst about the underpants bomber. Get this into your heads; people want to kill you because as a nation you behave in a murderous and arrogant way. That does not justify a terrorist in killing innocent civilians; but killing innocent civilians did not seem to bother the Blackwater boys, or the US armed forces who kill innocent civilians every single day.

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