Sunday, July 1, 2007

53% of Americans insist on a third party

Americans felt the same way back in 1996, when Ross Perot got 8.3%.
Look at the most recent CBS News poll.

No doubt you've heard of the Green Party.

TalkLeft has a discussion.


  1. I think liberals and progressives need to become swing voters between the Democrats and the Greens. It will give us leverage in the political process we would otherwise lack, since we don't have the money that corporate and wealthy interests have.

  2. I think progressives and the left should stay very, very far away from the Democratic Party. The Green Party should run an aggressive independent presidential ticket in 2008 against both Republicans and Democrats. None of that vote Kerry in 'swing states', vote Green in 'safe' states crap. Vote Green everywhere.

  3. Some interesting reading by Lance Selfa on the subject of the Democratic Party destroying and sucking the life out of 'progressive' forces below.

    A Democratic Wing of the Democrats? Liberal Doormats: Tread on Us

    The Democratic Party and the Politics of Lesser Evilism

    Wading into the Democrats Muddy Waters: PDA: A Retreat from Independent Politics

    Democratic Wing of the Democrats?

    Also worth a look is the Blog 'Stop Me Before I Vote Again' which is 'dedicated to the deconstruction of the democratic party. the american left may not be much but it won't be anyting at all until it ditches the Democrats.

  4. libhom & Anonymous1 (whoeveryouare1), thanks for the comment.

    Anonymous2 (whoeveryouare2) - thanks for the comment & links; I'll have a look.

    The Greens, in contrast, offer an alternative: the anti-war party that champions public services, human rights, social justice and environmental protection. That's what attracted me. I tend to be on the left-side of the Greens.


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