Tuesday, July 24, 2007

After the Offense

Fascinating, moving, and insightful program today on THE STORY about life for sex offenders after they've left jail. Listen here.

A portion of the description-
Tom Coles, who lives in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, has invited sex offenders into his own home. Unlike many, Tom believes in the possibility of redemption. Guest host Scott Jagow talks with Tom about how he got into his work helping to rehabilitate sex offenders, and what he has gained from it.

One of Tom's residents is Khris Page. Khris served 10 years in prison for criminal sexual conduct with children. He talks to Scott about how this living arrangement, combined with the rehabilitative programs he's in, help ensure that he will never offend again.

COMMENT: It's one story of many like it that go unheard. People are connected by the stories they tell. This is a very human story - the two men give the story heart - and I'm glad it's being told.

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