Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well, doh, Springfield!

VtBuzz buzzes - One Vermont campaign is over faster than you can say Cowabunga, baby. Our Springfield has won the chance to host the premiere of The Simpsons Movie, beating out all those other states with lesser Springfields... read it all here.

Like Terri Hallenbeck, I've never seen the Simpsons. Springfield has been deprived for years; it can now proudly call itself depraved. :-P

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  1. I am one of 200 volunteers who appeared in the winning Springfield Vermont video. After we helped our local Chamber of Commerce win the contest, they turned their backs on us. We should have been the first in town to be receive invitations to the world premiere but the elite in town were invited in place of us. And then not even a word of thanks or mention of us in the public ceremony outside the theater! Read more and view our famous winning video now at our new website:

    The Simpsons Springfield Vermont


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