Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The American Ruling Class

Via Lenin's Tomb, with thanks.

Some pointedly apt comments over at The Tomb:
My other favourite scene is the one where Lapham and one of the kids reads through a front page article of the New York Times: "An official source said... an official source said...a government source said... This is like an unofficial official government mouthpiece!"

[Not unrelatedly, this made me vomit: NY Times - The Richest of the Rich, Proud of a New Gilded Age.]

Another Tomb commenter:
Isit really a question of compassion to recognise that the people who do the stuff that keeps the rest of us alive and healthy - cleaning up our shit and what not - actually require particular skills to be able to do it. And often they have to deploy their skills under much less propitious circumstances than the fabled brain surgeons, who don't have clueless and hoostile 'supervisors' scrujtinising their every move. Getting things done within those kinds of constraints takes real skill, not to mention the budgeting and bargaining skills people need to survive on these well below 'poverty line' 'wages'.

Official site: The American Ruling Class

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