Friday, July 31, 2009

Amsterdam is not Sodom & Gomorrah

NRC/international: A 25-year-old film student from Amsterdam has taken on Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly over his misrepresentation of the Dutch capital.

It is a much-belated response, but 25-year-old Robert Nieuwenhuijs' July 27 video reply to Fox News' description of Amsterdam as a "cesspool of corruption" has nevertheless become a hit on the video-sharing website YouTube.

[Robert Nieuwenhuijs] saw the show on YouTube and felt affronted by O'Reilly's Amsterdam-bashing. He decided to post a video reply on YouTube, calling it . He looked up numbers about drugs use from American and Dutch national surveys and made some striking comparisons.

Dit is echt zo geweldig gedaan!!! The truth about Amsterdam! Makes me proud to have been born there!

Cross posted with some edits at Antemedius and also at The Peace Tree. Hat tip to 24oranges.

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