Wednesday, July 15, 2009

From the Mouths of Israeli Soldiers: Testimonies on Gaza Abuses

Over the past six months they have been collecting testimonies from soldiers that served in Operation Cast Lead about the reality of the war from their eyes and experience. I have read the document and was shocked at the stories on so many levels. The fact that white phosphorus was used as a weapon, the absolute destruction of Gaza, the “shoot first ask questions later” mentality, the atmosphere of sick untouchability of the commanders telling their troops to act brutally and finally the absolute lies that the State of Israel put out about its conduct in the Gaza war. The international media is beginning to cover the story and most of the news coverage today regards IDF using human shields during the Gaza campaign. What words can I put down as commentary for this? How do you discount the testimony of a soldier who was ordered to use human shields or destroy entire neighborhoods? - Joseph Dana on the Breaking the Silence testimonies by IDF soldiers who took part in Operation Cast Lead attack on Gaza last December and January

From Joseph Dana, the first of over thirty YouTube videos that Breaking the Silence will be releasing this week:

Word is indeed getting out: Joseph has more updates here. You can subscribe to his posts on his blog!

This is important for Americans - to understand what has happened, Share the stories with President Obama and your member of Congress and ask him/them - Is the US funding human rights abuses in Gaza? - by going here.

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