Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Tortured, Homophobic Logic of His Grace, The Bishop of Durham

Scott Gunn, a priest from Rhode Island, tears apart the crap logic and homophobia of yesterday's editorial in The Times (and WaPo) by Tom Wright, Bishop of Durham, against a resolution passed at General Convention affirming that the LGBT baptized can have their calls to ordained ministry recognised. MadPriest, the vicar in Newcastle, reacts to Bp. Wright, too. Scott Gunn's blog post should be spread widely and printed in The Times and the Washington Post.


  1. Now the interesting bit is where homosexuality meets religion. Or Islamophobia clashes with homophobia. What's the difference? Homophobia often results in agression towards homosexuals where as religionophobia doesn't. EVERYBODY is entitled to his/her opinion, as long as the expression of that opinion doesn't hurt other groups of the population. Now: if you happen to employ some homosexuals, how would you feel about employing youths belonging to a part of the population wellknown for it's homo-aggression?,2

    Discrimination? Yes. But would you employ them?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Gerrit. No, I would not employ them: they had done a hate crime.


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