Friday, July 24, 2009

Well, kiss my wooden shoes!

Yesterday, in a continuing series on Texas Weird, I made another Yee Haw! post .

I've decided to start a new BI series/commentary in the same vein - Well, kiss my wooden shoes! - with a Dutch Weird angle.

And here's the first installment.

News on the aftermath of Queen's Day 2009 tragedies doesn't seem go away. The story linked below is about victimhood. It's not a purely American phenomenon. In the story linked below, we learn that some Cloggies will go to great lengths to make a euro, make a euro. But this story goes beyond the stereotypical ambulance chaser, bringing it to new lows, for the actions of these people certainly do that.


TV viewers claim Queen's Day attack damages

Friday 24 July 2009

A number of people who watched tv and internet footage of the Queen's Day attack, in which Karst Tates drove his car through the crowd killing eight people, are attempting to claim damages, the AD reports on Friday.

The paper says insurance company Reaal and damages claim specialists SAP in Amersfoort have been approached by people who want to make a claim for the shocking effect of the footage. The attack, in which bodies are seen flying through the air, was broadcast live on tv.

A spokesman for Reaal refused to tell the paper how many claims had been received.

But VU University law professor Arno Akkermans told the paper: 'I have spoken to them [Reaal] about it. They say they have had many claims and are looking for advice how to deal with them.'

Lawyer Jan Wilem Koeleman from SAP told the paper: 'a number of clients have registered their intention to claim damages after seeing television and other coverage'.

But a spokesman for the Dutch victims support body Slachtofferhup said the claims were 'inappropriate' and have no hope of succeeding.

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