Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Private insurance is bad for your health

Online Journal (by John Jonik)
If an insurer is invested in, or does business insurance with, pharmaceutical firms, such an insurer has motive, opportunity and fiduciary duty to promote its investment property’s drugs over others that may be cheaper, more effective, and safer. Apparently, no laws prohibit this. Such an insurer has same motives to ignore, or not even look for, problems with drugs made by its investment properties. Such an insurer might also work to discredit, prohibit, or not authorize traditional natural unpatented drugs, herbs, vitamins, minerals and supplements.

An insurer invested in pesticides or bio-tech firms has a huge motive to ignore the harms and risks of pesticides (in typical cigarettes or elsewhere) and Genetically Engineered foods, and to fail to advise proper prevention such as avoidance of toxics and synthetics, and the use of organics.

With whatever control private insurers have over HMOs, hospitals, doctors, etc., one has to worry that patients may not receive proper medical diagnoses if medical staff avoids even looking for body burdens of industrial chemicals or radiation. It is hard to imagine how proper care can be administered if certain causes of illnesses are not sought or found.

What we have with private, investor insurers is a “company doctor” situation like in the old coal mine towns where a doctor finds that a miner has “a cold,” not black lung disease caused by unsafe work conditions.

Not a day goes by without reports that some natural thing, or people’s “behavior,” or natural plants (like tobacco), or “faulty” genes, or bad diet, or something,causes such-and-such problems. We only hear about industrial causes when a problem becomes too big to cover up.

The biggest hurdles the people face are corporatized mainstream media (including “public” broadcasting) and “public” ... officials who have gone AWOL from their duties to serve the public but who serve, instead, and above all, those insurers and any or all of their investment properties.

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  1. "We only hear about industrial causes when a problem becomes too big to cover up."

    It's all so entwined.

    The corporate lobbyists continue to have vast amounts of influence, but I am particularly encouraged that people are waking up to the detrimental effects of industrial fluoride on developing infants, in water fluoridation and pesticides.


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